Increase Your Email ROI By Doing This

How many times did your customers hear from you this week?

The answer is… probably not enough.

While there are many secrets to an effective email marketing campaign, the single most important thing to improve is FREQUENCY. If customers aren’t hearing from your company several times a week, up to several times a day, then you are severely limiting your potential with email marketing. 

To prove my point look at your own inbox. You’ll quickly see that the biggest companies are emailing you consistently, sometimes multiple times a day. The big guys do this because they know email marketing makes them a lot of money, and the more they email, the more money they make (at no extra cost to their bottom line).

Here’s the thing. I spend most of my time on this blog talking to SaaS and e-com companies about how you need to level up the content of your emails in an effort to grab potential and existing customers, and get them to open, read and engage with your emails. 

It is still incredibly important to provide stimulating content in your emails…

When your emails create a human connection between the reader and your company, you will hook more prospects and foster customer loyalty. But that doesn’t change the fact that emailing frequently, irregardless of the content, is going to make the biggest impact on your email ROI.

Most of the companies who fill your inbox with daily emails are trapped in the the offer/discount/coupon cycle of email marketing, which means, even though their emails are getting people to buy… they are severely reducing the relationship between customer and brand, down to a transactional, “give a coupon and I’ll buy what you’re selling.” These brands can afford to take the relationship aspect out of their email marketing because they have million dollar ad budgets designed to create a specific narrative around their brand.

If you are SaaS start-up or scaling e-com brand… you don’t have that same luxury.

Small e-com brands and start-up tech companies are in a unique position to use stories about how you are changing lives (or companies for b2b) for the better in your emails. The more you engage your readers in a conversation, the more interest, trust and ultimately customer lifetime value you are going to reap.


no matter the value you deliver in your emails…

No matter the amount of visual storytelling that grabs your reader and makes them read your messages without hesitation…

No matter the power behind your sales message and call to action…

If you aren’t sending these emails out consistently, then your email marketing will feel like nothing better than a handwritten birthday card sent once a year from your company…

A nice idea, but not changing anyone’s daily buying decisions.

The lurking devil in email marketing is the dreaded “unsubscribe.” No one likes to be told by their customers, “Hey, I don’t like this, get me out of here.” And even though most people who willfully unsubscribe were not going to be good customers in the first place… the fear of the mass (or even minimum, let’s be honest) unsubscribe is real. 

One of the reasons companies fear sending out “too many emails” is that they don’t want to annoy their customers. Going back to your own personal inbox, which is probably filled with daily emails from brands begging you to buy with their special deals and limited time offers… or if you’re b2b, a string of cold email offers that sound as slimy as a junior high boy who won’t take no for an answer, “Just bumping this up in your inbox…” You’ve likely developed a fear of your own emails scaring off your customers.

The real power is when you combine the direct response copywriting tactics of storytelling, problem and solution framing, and irresistible calls to action, ALONG with high frequency emailing. Now you’ve got the golden ticket to making more sales and increasing customer loyalty and engagement. 

I don’t care if you are a personal brand, an e-com brand or a SaaS company, your metrics are going to benefit from sending emails more frequently. Take a look at your current email marketing landscape and figure out how you can include automations, repurposing various content, and one off emailing to get your brand into the inbox of your customers as often as possible… and grow from there.

Hi! I’m Annie Aaroe, a b2b marketing strategist. To find out more about story-driven, conversion copy and strategy that’s tailored for tech and SaaS brands, visit my website,, or shoot me an email at

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