Give Your Brand A Personality

Aug 18, 2022
Use This Approach To Build a Connection With Your Customers, Share Memorable Stories, and Drive ROI If you are a founder/CEO of your business, I

Emails From Yours Truly

Jul 15, 2022
The other day I wanted to write an email to the customers of my bagel shop featuring this cute candid photo. I took the photo

Make Your Emails STAND OUT

Jun 10, 2022
My email inbox is full of pitches. I own a small brick&mortar plus e-com CPG business (it’s a bagel shop!) and from both fronts I

Customers Love A Good Story

May 10, 2022
For 19 years I’ve owned and run my family’s business, a local bagel shop where we make our bagels from scratch, boil and bake them

Hi! I’m Annie Aaroe, a b2b email marketing strategist. To find out more about story-driven, conversion email copy and strategy that’s tailored for e-com apps and SaaS brands, visit my website,, or shoot me an email at

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