Annie Aaroe

Hiring a freelance writer is like shopping for fresh fruit…

You want someone ripe (experienced) but also with out bruises (motivated and creative) and sometimes you want a writer who isn’t quite ready, so they can develop while sitting on your countertop (brand culture).

Well… I just may be the fruit for you!

I’ve been a writer my whole life, but even at age 40, I am still learning the craft. I majored in Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania and spent the next part of my career owning and running our family business, The Bagel Grove. While at Bagel Grove I’ve done countless hours of business writing from handbooks & safety programs, to web content & marketing material, job descriptions & in-house educational content, as well as sales & educational material.

After my kids were old enough to start to work in the business I began writing for other business and building my freelance writing business. I am an avid researcher, and I take the time to really understand your target audience and the specific goals of the project before I ever start writing. My writing is persuasive, clear and engaging. My rates are competitive and reflect my experience and expertise.

Also, I happen to be married to an artist and graphic designer (his artwork is featured on this website). Together we have built websites, launched campaigns, and sold a lot of product.

Get in touch, and dream with us.

And if you don’t like fruit… don’t worry, we’ll just stick to the writing 🙂

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