Meet Annie

Hiring a writer is like shopping for fresh fruit…

You want someone ripe (experienced) but also with out bruises (motivated and creative) and sometimes you want a writer who will develop while sitting on your countertop (in your brand culture).

Well… I just may be the fruit for you!

Want your story told in a way that leaves people feeling like they know (and trust) you? I’ve been a writer my whole life, it’s my first love. I majored in creative writing at the University of Pennsylvania which is why telling your brand story is my specialty.

Have in-house writing needs for your business? I’ve got more experience than most. For two decades, I’ve owned and run a local bakery and written all the handbooks, safety programs, job descriptions, training manuals, product descriptions, web content & marketing material. I’ll tackle whatever you’ve got and make it engaging and clear.

Need to drive sales? I am an avid researcher, and I take the time to fully understand your target audience and the clarify the goals of the project before I ever start writing. I can help you find what’s missing in your sales funnel, and write copy that turns ideal prospects into lifetime customers.

Prefer fruit salad? I happen to be married to an artist and graphic designer (his artwork is featured on this website). Together we have built websites, launched campaigns, and sold a lot of product.

Get in touch, and dream with us.

And if you don’t like fruit… don’t worry, we’ll just stick to the writing 🙂

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