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“I put the human touch in tech”

Email Copywriting

Email is the best way to build trust with your audience and reduce your acquisition costs because email done the right way, keeps customers engaged and wanting more from you.

Use email to invite prospects inside your business, show them what you do that makes you so unique, introduce your most vibrant people, and answer all those objections by showing them how life will be so much better with your product or solution…

I used story-based email copywriting to build trust, establish a report, and ultimately drive conversions.

Think b2b SaaS emails HAVE to be boring? Not my emails!

Marketing Audits and Strategy Consulting

If you’re not ready to hire me to write your emails or other copywriting for you… booking a strategy session or marketing audit is a great place to start. This will give you a chance to get my eyes on your copy and marketing plan so I can give you pro-tips and insights that you can implement in your business right away. I’ll also help you develop your brand story so that you can begin to experiment with story-based messaging in your marketing.

You can book a one-time strategy session, or include this in your project in addition to hiring me for email copywriting. When you hire me for strategy in addition to email copywriting, we’ll look at your automation strategy, segmenting and funnels and target the most important emails first.

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Stories that Sell

Humans love stories. They engage us, draw us in, build curiosity, and establish familiarity and trust. That’s why I use story-based selling in all my email marketing. Stories can be short or long, depending on the story and the objective… but the amazing things is, short OR long, stories increase sales, and stories help build loyalty so that your customers stay with you… and tell others about you!

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