Hire Me

When are you available?

I am available for short-term projects and part time work immediately. Larger projects and full time client work will be accepted on a case-by-case basis with usually a three to six month waiting period.

What types of projects are you looking for?

I accept projects based on a series of criteria. Once you’ve reached out to me here I will schedule an initial consultation call, in order to determine if I am a good fit for your project. I am looking for clients who are passionate and knowledgeable about their businesses and who speak openly and freely about their areas of expertise as well as their areas of concerns and growth pain points.

What happens next if you accept my project?

After the initial consultation phone call, if we decide to work together, I will draft a proposal for the project. You will have 2 weeks to make as many changes and ask as many questions and your heart desires. Often the project changes a lot during this process! After the proposal process is complete I will draft a contract with a definite start date. Payment is due in full on the date the contract begins, although some times retainer fees, or partial payments will be negotiated during the proposal process.

Get in touch to schedule a consultation!

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