Marketing Consults

Marketing Audit

This is a very specific type of consulting call in which we look over either a specific portion of your marketing, or your entire marketing strategy to determine where you are losing momentum, and which areas would benefit the most from mine or other copywriting or marketing services.

Block Consulting

After our free initial consultation (usually lasts 1hr give or take) we can schedule as many follow up consults as you need to discuss your current marketing, where you would like to go, what you’re struggling with, and what you want to be doing instead. You can come to these blocks with your own list of questions on copy, strategy, budget… etc., or I can direct the conversation with questions about your goals, desires and concerns. From there we’ll discuss everything from quick wins you can get by adding this or that to your current marketing, to digging deep into your messaging, offers, positioning and ideal audience.

Strategy & Copywriting

When you want to upgrade your entire email marketing strategy I offer email copywriting & strategy packages. These projects will look at your entire email marketing program, from automations, to segmentation, to nurture. We’ll figure out where your program is the most effective, and where you are leaving money on the table. I’ll suggest where to focus first in building new email sequences and help develop a plan for moving forward into the future.

If the first phase of the project is a success, we can discuss hiring me on retainer to manage your email marketing on an ongoing basis.

VIP Consultations (1/2 day)

If you prefer more a hands-on approach, hiring me for a VIP consultation can help set you in the right direction. The VIP consultations have three parts.

  • First is the discovery work so I can understand your company: what you offer, core values, and how you are different from your competition. We will also spend time getting clear on your marketing and growth goals.
  • In the second phase we’ll look at your current marketing and talk through your messaging, positioning and offers to make sure they align with your vision and will actually help you achieve your goals.
  • Part three will make up the bulk of the VIP consultation. We will dive into specific marketing assets and look at your copy and funnels to see what is working and what needs to change. I’ll suggest strategies and assets that you can add to your current marketing plan.
  • After the call I will develop a marketing strategy map for you to use for the next 3-6 months. You’ll receive this an any other resources we discuss during the consultation within 4 business days.

Once you’ve had a VIP day with me I will continue to provide resources and support for the issues we discussed and schedule follow-up calls as needed at a discounted rate.

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