Marketing Consults

Block Consulting (1 hr or 2 hr)

After our free initial consultation (usually lasts 1hr give or take) we can schedule as many follow up consults as you need to discuss your current marketing, where you would like to go, what you’re struggling with, and what you want to be doing instead. You can come to these blocks with your own list of questions on copy, strategy, budget… etc. Or, I can direct the conversation with questions about your goals, desires and concerns. From there we’ll discuss everything from quick wins you can get by adding this or that to your current marketing, to digging deep into your messaging, offers, positioning and ideal audience.

Full Day Consultation

If you prefer more a do-it-yourself approach, hiring me for a full day VIP consultation can help set you in the right direction. We’ll first do some discovery work about vision for your life and work as well as getting a clear idea of your core wants and needs for your business. Then we’ll look at your current marketing and talk through your messaging, positioning and offers to make sure they align with your vision and will actually help you achieve your goals. From there we’ll develop a strategy map for your business for the next 3-6 months.

VIP days are meant to take as long as they need! You are truly hiring me for a day, and on that day, you are my only priority. We can talk through specific problems you’re having in your business operations and marketing. However, you may not begin with specific questions, but rather a general feeling that something isn’t “right” or that you know you should be doing more (and getting more in return!). We can take this time to talk through all of these feelings and struggles, because this work will often uncover the hidden gems in your business and help you feel more secure in your marketing.

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