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Why Hire a Copywriter?

Professional copywriters drives sales by combining writing skill with marketing psychology to convert your followers into customers. My copywriting services include research, website copy, pre-sale pages, landing pages, marketing emails, and sales pages.

For what types of projects do I hire a copywriter?

There are all sorts of items you may need to hire a copywriter to create for your business. My first love is email, because emails are still the best way to build know, like and trust and show folks who have raised their hand to learn more, why they can’t live with out your product or service. However, there are lots of other copy needs from basic conversion website copy to sales pages to pre-sale pages, and once I’ve taken the time to get to know your business, I would love to help you strategize or write this copy for you.

Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting combines writing with human behavioral psychology to move your audience from cold leads, to warm leads, to prospects, to customers.

Market researchHelp you define your target audience and ideal customer avatarQuoted per project
starting at $100 per hour
Pre-sale pages (advertorials)Warm up cold traffic and generate leads that are ready to buystarting at $400 per advertorial
Email welcome sequencesWelcome your new customer like an old friend, ease them into your brand culture, get them ready to buy from you… for a lifetime.starting at $50 per email
Broadcast emailsEmails writting in your brand voice to the people on your email list, getting them to Know, Like and Trust you with ease.starting at $75 per email
Sales pageConvert your prospects into buyers, no matter their objections.starting at $800 per sales page
Under the direction of your marketing team I will write copy that directly targets your ideal customers and drives sales to your company.


Advertorials is a word taken from days gone by when advertisers would use sponsored editorial content in magazines to educate their readership on a specific topic related to a product or service.

In the internet age, advertorials are used as pre-sale pages in both simple and complex marketing funnels. Advertorials allow you to warm up cold traffic before they reach your sales page.

Advertorials can also help you navigate social media rules by placing a compliant landing page, in the form of a blog, article or editorial between your social ad and your final sales page.

Web copy

Whether you are a new business, or you’ve been around the block a few times, there is a lot that goes into creating and keeping up a business website. Together with your web designer, you’ve probably thought of everything

…well maybe not everything.

Many web site builders focus on links and graphics and forget that the internet still operates on words, and the words you chose can make all the difference.

From SEO optimization to effectively communicating your brand, hiring a professional copywriter for your website will make sure the words on your website are doing the best possible job behind the scenes.

While you focus on running your business and keeping the information up to date, I can help you by creating new content or editing existing content and help turn your web presence into a marketing that works while you sleep.


Do you have existing copy you need edited, organized and published? Hire me for copyediting and I can help you transform your existing copy to better drive sales, convert leads and establish your brand.

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