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Effective email marketing strategy is about three main things: Knowing your audience, Segmenting you list, and Writing emails that convert. Whether your hire me to consult you on email marketing strategy or to manage your entire email marketing program, I will always be looking at these three areas. I will use customer research you have already gathered, but if you are hiring me to write copy for your emails, I always do my own research to help me understand how best to speak and convert your audience with email.

Welcome Sequences

This is a set of 5 – 10 emails, depending on your market, that serve to welcome folks who have opted-in and show them how their life (DTC) or work (B2B) or both! will be improved by purchasing your product or service. Welcome sequences allow you to expand your brand beyond color schemes and logos, and show your prospects who you are and how you are… as if you were giving a person-to-person tour of your company.

Email automations

Email automations vary based on the industry, and many business already have basic email automations in place (welcome, Order completed, Order shipped, cart abandonment, after purchase follow up, birthdays or special occasions). However, few brands are using these emails to develop their brand identity and nurture the audience towards becoming lifetime customers.

New Order emails have the highest open rates, in some industries they are close to 100%, and yet few brands are focusing on the copy in their order emails to help set their brand apart and build customer loyalty. If you don’t have email automations, you have to, and if you don’t have brand specific, customized email automations, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

Broadcast Emails

This is a chance to really dig into your prospects objections, worries, desires, fears and dreams. Each broadcast email focuses on a specific outcome and uses stories to move your reader from where they are, to where you need them to be. Broadcast emails can be very sales oriented, or non-sales (nurture) oriented, but they will always drive the reader further along that customer journey toward the purchase that’s right for them.

Sales Emails

Many people think sales emails are all that email marketing is about… but I put it at the bottom of the list, because sales-y emails don’t work, and they are the reason so many people believe (incorrectly) that email marketing is dead. However… if you’ve got all the emails above already in your email marketing plan, and you’ve warmed up your audience, answered their objections and primed their emotions… sales emails are the best kind… because they actually SELL!

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