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Why have a blog for your business?

Blogging helps make sure your company or brand is first in line when people go searching for your product or service. Having and maintaining a blog can help drive traffic to your website, promote your brand and ideas, and help you to gauge interest for marketing purposes. However, keeping up a blog for your business is time consuming and effectiveness diminishes when a blog isn’t kept relevant. Hiring a freelance blogger can help you reach your goals and give you peace of mind.

What types of blogs can I write for you?

I have a background in all sorts of areas that are applicable to blogging for your business, which will lend a personal as well as professional touch to your blog. However, as part of your project I will do any necessary research, conduct interviews, and ask for feedback so that my content is up to date and relevant to your business. Below is a table with more info on the areas where I have a personal background.

All my blogs are written with SEO in mind, and I am a pro at providing SEO content that is fun and engaging to read. SEO and quality go hand in hand!

Business Blogging Types

Business Website SEO BlogsThis option includes a regularly managed blog, or on an as-needed basis. Help increase your web presence and draw customers to your website with a business blog
Reverse BloggingCreate a forum to collect content from the public which is moderated, formatted and presented on your business platform to drive interest to your business
Affiliate BloggingUse traditional blogging to drive interest to your business, while also providing valuable market information through an affiliate online platform.

Niche Blogging Topics

MarketingI am an online marketer with experience writing about traffic and funnels, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, video/YouTube marketing and social media paid and organic marketing. I also have 15+ years of advertising experience in traditional media such as radio and print.
Health & Wellness I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Dancer, Student of Pilates and Yoga, and Health and Wellness enthusiast. Additionally I work closely on related content with an herbalist, nutritionist, yoga and pilates practitioners and more.
Lifestyle & ParentingI’m a wife, a mother, a step mother, homeowner, political activist and avid reader. I also work from home and own several businesses.
Small Business I owned and operated a family run bagel enterprise, with 30 employees, for 16 years. I’ve taken courses in business, accounting, marketing and read constantly about business.
Christianity/SpiritualityI was raised as a Non- Denominational Evangelical Christian and took time off in college to live in a couple different Intentional Christian Communities. I’ve attended Mennonite, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Unitarian Universalist and home-based churches in my adult life. I am trained and have years of experience teaching the Montessori-like form of christian spiritual formation called Godly-Play. I continue to be interested in all topics related to spirituality and theology.
OtherIf you want to work with me and I don’t have expertise in your area of business, I will gather information and data in order to create a professional, fresh, informative blog for your company.

Articles and other Content (not really copywriting but I still do it)

Hiring a writer for features in industry magazines or to create white papers for referrals and networking will help your company stay relevant and get ahead of the competition.

ProjectsExample ServicesRates
ArticlesArticles for Industry publications, Guest articles, News articlesstarting at $400 per project
Shorter ContentSurveys, Quizzes, Brochuresstarting at $200 per page
Other ServicesPress Releases, Product Descriptions, About Pages, Simple Web contentstarting at $100 per item

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