Marketing Lessons From My Visit To Japan: Part 5

Wherever you stand on the adoption of AI… It shouldn’t be all or nothing. We are fast facing a future where technology could dominate every facet of daily life. We must integrate AI with that which is most essentially human.

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Marketing Lessons From My Visit To Japan: Part 4

Today I unpack something that, as I continue to reflect on my time in Japan, I’ve realized is even more essential to the impact this country had on me. I’m seeking to uncover the cultural groundwork that feeds what I experienced so profoundly.

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Why I call Bullshit on “Thank You Essential Workers”

“You have arrived.”  The voice from my phone taunts me as I squint out the window of my van, panning slowly across rustic-style doors and perfectly arranged porch furniture for, please god, a house number. I’ve got an order of food to deliver but all the houses on this street clearly want to keep their […]

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