Clarify Your Audience

Whether you are a personal brand, a SaaS company, or anyone in the b2b space, it’s important to target your intended vertical in your content marketing by relating stories, advice, and calling out pain points that your ideal customers can relate to.

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How To Post On LinkedIn as a SaaS Company

If you run a SaaS company and are not posting regularly on LinkedIn, you are missing out. That’s why I’ve put together a little how-to guide for posting as a SaaS founder and or CEO or even the head of marketing.

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How I Craft b2b Cold Email Campaigns for SaaS: Process Breakdown

This is a detailed breakdown of the process I used to craft cold email campaigns. I tweaked my process slightly for a b2b SaaS company that was using email as their primary outbound lead source and looking to branch out into more competitive segments of the market. In this article I outline the four stages of my cold email writing process.

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