People Buy From People

What I, and many marketers around me, know intuitively, that people buy from people, turns out is backed up by neuroscience.

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How To Grow An Online Career When You Already Have A Full Time Job

It’s taken me several years of failing to meet my time management goals, and feeling like I’m doing it all wrong, to finally realize I need to relax and let my natural inclinations take over. Since I don’t have completely open work days in a row to focus on my online business, I can’t build my business the same way most of my colleagues are working on theirs.

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2022 Wrap Up: B2B Cold Email Trends

Cold email is a super effective way for b2b companies to bring in new business. The problem is… every one of your competitors is also sending cold emails. Your prospects are not going to respond to your company’s outreach when it’s buried among the literally hundreds of emails they receive in a day. But there are ways to make your cold emailing campaigns more effective and it starts by understanding what your prospective customers want. Then you have to figure out how to connect your company’s main objective to what your prospects actually want, and do this in a way that gets their attention. 

I’ve compiled a list of 8 types of cold emails that are trending in 2022. Any of these types of emails can work well to grow your outbound leads, however there are some things I’ve found out in the wilds of cold email country, that I advise you to avoid

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Sell like ‘Slippin Jimmy’ (of “Better Call Saul”)

I’ve always made a point to keep some of the tasks that I could delegate, on my own to-do list. Whether I’m running a 7-figure bagel enterprise, or growing a 4-figure solopreneur venture, I still value the simple tasks that aren’t directly making me money. Today I want to make a case for all business leaders to reserve a not-insignificant portion of their time on what others may consider “menial tasks.”

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