Business Resources

Why does my small business need a writer?

Small business owners wear a lot of hats, I know, I’ve been one for 16 years. A lot of what businesses need to succeed from marketing to human resources has to been written down. That’s where a professional business writer can be very helpful in getting what’s in your head written down and in the hands of the right people.

Articles and White Papers

Hiring a writer for features in industry magazines or to create white papers for referrals and networking will help your company stay relevant and get ahead of the competition.

For what types of projects do I hire a writer?

There are all sorts of items you may need to hire a writer to create for your business. Since my Business-Services projects start at $2500, the table below can give you an idea of my specific rates while you pick and choose what services you need now, and which you may need ongoing.

ProjectsExample ServicesRates
Human ResourcesEmployee Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Safety Guidelines, Policies, Employee Meetings, Orientation Materialstarting at $200 per page
MarketingWhite Papers, Brochures, Articles, Complex online contentstarting at $300 per page
Other ServicesPress Releases, Product Descriptions, Surveys, Simple Web contentstarting at $200 per page

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